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BitCan supports SOCAR and BOTAŞ in Turkey

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BitCan was recently in Turkey to support SOCAR and BOTAŞ in the Tuz Golu Underground Gas Storage Project. Multi-target (10 zones) mini fracs were conducted in the anhydrite salts. The...

History of Special Core Sampling and Preservation

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BitCan has a long history of special core sampling and preservation. When evaluating cap rock material properties, maintaining a shale's insitu condition is critical for obtaining meaningful geomechanical test results....

BitCan Winter 2019 Results – March 2020

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BitCan completed several open hole min frac tests this past winter. Our inflatable packer system combined with precise pump control and real time data analysis ensures the best possible data...

New Geomechanical Lab Testing Program – January 2020

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BitCan is undertaking a new geomechanical lab testing program for an international client that is assessing the seismic characteristics of reservoir rock under different stresses and fluid saturations at reservoir...

About BitCan

BitCan provides our clients with a superior understanding of the geomechanical environment surrounding resource deposits. We utilize the latest technology and scientific research to unlock the potential of these deposits. BitCan can assist in guiding unconventional oil and gas projects through research, planning, execution and monitoring.

BitCan places the utmost value of the Health and Safety of our employees, and environment. We are pleased to be a member of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program and we will continue to hold ourselves to this high standard.