About Us

Since its founding in 2000, BitCan has advocated for the proactive utilization of geomechanics in unconventional oil and gas development. Our thorough understanding of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical (T-H-M) processes and dynamic fracture propagation in complex geology has allowed us to do this from a position of respect and authority. We strive to develop new technologies or to innovate and improve on existing reservoir recovery technologies while simultaneously providing complete and comprehensive coverage on reservoir containment. We like to accompany our clients from the very beginning of project design to its eventual operation, production and monitoring. Providing ongoing and integrated services in this manner allows us to best complement our client’s needs. We firmly believe in training and educating our team members so that they understand what part their individual responsibilities play in our integrated services. In this way we ensure diligence and care, in all areas of work, from our staff. Our clients benefit from this informed teamwork by receiving credible and reliable results and services delivered in a comprehensive way.