2017 President’s Message

Dr. Yanguang Yuan, “YY”, P.Eng., P.Geol., Principal of BitCan. Share his vision

BitCan advocates proactive use of geomechanics to improve reservoir production and safeguard reservoir containment integrity. Nowadays, oil/gas production requires attention to not only fluid phase, but also deformation and fracturing behaviour of the rock matrix. BitCan has innovative technologies to create maximum reservoir stimulation volume and also to create it at target time, space and/or orientation. This creates the pathway for the reservoir fluid to be produced and/or for the stimulating materials to be placed inside the reservoir, contacting the hydrocarbon. In promoting the reservoir deformation and fracturing to our benefits, BitCan also provides a total solution system for designing the maximum injection pressure so that the caprock/casing/fault integrity is not compromised.

Past News

  • December, 2016: BitCan was the Corporate Sponsor to the SPE International Heavy Oil Conference & Exhibition, held in Kuwait City, Kuwait, 6-8 December 2016. (a photo?)
  • December, 2016: BitCan wrapped up another successful year for our FUSETM operation. We appreciate our client for trusting us to FUSE all their SAGD wells all of which have implemented our C-FUSE technology. For more details on C-FUSE, please refer to the “Case History” section.
  • November, 2016: BitCan taught a short course to PetroChina’s affiliated companies and institutes: “Workshop on Application of Geomechanics in Improving Reservoir Production and Protecting Reservoir Containment Integrity.” (attach a photo here?)
  • October, 2016: BitCan gave several lunch-n-learn talks on openhole mini-frac tests, FUSETM technology and joint inversion of comprehensive observation data for subsurface processes. We welcome similar and other forums to promote geomechanics for being used to improve reservoir production and safeguard reservoir containment integrity.
  • October, 2016: BitCan successfully completed a staged FUSETM job in the field. This SAGD well achieved excellent thermal conformance result after a short period of steam circulation. For details, please refer to “Case History” section.
  • October, 2016: BitCan successfully completed an openhole mini-frac test in Tibet, China. It might be the highest-altitude mini-frac test even done in the world (attached a photo here?).
  • September, 2016:  BitCan was the Corporate Sponsor to the SPE Workshop: Caprock Integrity for Thermal Applications, held in Calgary, CANADA, 20-21 September 2016. BitCan also made two presentations: (1) “Mechanical Behavior of Faults in Caprock during SAGD Operation” and (2) “Mathematical Inversion of Monitoring Data as the Ultimate Means to Safeguard the Caprock Integrity”. Interested audience can contact us about these works.
  • June, 2016: BitCan has pledged in-kind support to a NSERC CRD research program: “Advanced Characterization of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells Completed in Western Canadian Tight Formations”. We appreciate the trust and interest by university researchers and industrial partners in BitCan’s expertise. This project was approved for funding in December 2016.
  • May, 2016: BitCan has pledged cash support to a NSERC CRD research program: “Improving SAGD by Applying Emulsion Based Reservoir Conformance Control Method”. BitCan continues to collaborate with university researchers in leveraging their theoretical strength and engineering expertise towards our R&D needs. This project was approved for funding in September, 2016.
  • May, 2016: BitCan welcome 2 summer students from University of Calgary and Univ. of Toronto.
  • April, 2016: BitCan designed a stageless bullhead horizontal well stimulation program in a carbonate reservoir. This job was later successfully executed in the field and confirmed by tracer tests. This is the first application of BitCan’s IsSE (In-situ Stress Engineering) technology applied outside the heavy oil reservoirs.
  • March, 2016: BitCan successfully completed a 2-year caprock integrity project for a NOC’s thermal heavy oil project. In 4 volumes with over 2,200 pages, our reports documented the integrated scope of works from mini-frac tests in the field to laboratory tests and coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical simulations. For more information, please visit the “Case History” section.
  • January, 2016: BitCan provided cash funding to another successfully-granted Mitacs internship program: “Emulsion Injection for Enhancing the Fast-and-Uniform SAGD Startup Process”. This is the 3rd of our support to the Internship program. It is BitCan’s long-standing policy to support training highly-experienced personnel.
  • October 16, 2015: BitCan is pleased to be the Subsurface Track Sponsor for the 2015 Heavy Oil Conference.
  • October 7, 2015: BitCan personnel return from successful Open-Hole Mini-Frac Middle Eastern project.
  • September, 2015: BitCan successfully implemented chemical stimulation into our patented FUSETM technology which is collectively termed as C-FUSE: Chemically-assisted FUSE. For more information, please visit “Case History”.
  • August 31, 2015: BitCan award Canadian Patent # 2,817,612 for FUSE Technology.
  • August 6, 2015: Price for West Texas Intermediate Crude now below $45 USD/bbl.
  • July 27, 2015: BitCan personnel depart for Heavy Oil Project in China utilizing FUSE Technology.
  • July 14, 2015: BitCan has completed a Natural Gas Salt Cavern Storage Project in Turkey.
  • June 22, 2015: BitCan is pleased to announce that it has completed 20 shallow open-hole Mini-Frac Tests in 2 wells in the Middle East Region in unconsolidated formations.
  • May 14, 2015: Oil Sands producer Southern Pacific Resources Corp. decides to “hibernate” their STP-McKay project.
  • May 12, 2015: Western Canada Select prices have risen by 77% from March 17, 2015 to May 6, 2015. Above $52.63/bbl currently.
  • May 6, 2015: BitCan personnel depart for Middle East to begin a Mini-Frac project with a NOC.
  • May 5, 2015: Alberta elects first ever NDP majority government in provincial history.
  • May 3, 2015: Price for West Texas Intermediate is over $60USD/bbl for first time in months.