Mobile Geomechanics Lab

This specially-designed mobile geology laboratory first gives us the ability to preserve freshly retrieved cores in conditions that closely mimic those found in-situ. Pore fluid chemistry is maintained, including the native water content, by exercising special preservation techniques. All recovered cores are transported back to our lab in a warm, low impact environment, ensuring that our geomechanical lab tests are supplied with the highest quality samples. BitCan has supplied quality test data to the industry since 2000.

This mobile lab also allows us to perform geological descriptions and carry out real-time laboratory tests on the retrieved cores and/or drill cuttings. The goal is to derive a continuous profile of mechanical and reservoir engineering properties real-time while the well is being drilled. The MPP can guide characterization of natural fractures, borehole stability management and stage placement designs of hydraulic fracturing stimulation. The real-time information gathered from the field is important for further work on the cores in-house.