Tight Reservoir Production

Tight reservoirs require hydraulic fracturing (HF) stimulation. These fractures serve as channels connecting the rock matrix to the production wells. Complex multi-staged injection has become the standard way to increase stimulated reservoir volume (SRV). Below is a list of technologies designed to optimize production in tight reservoirs.

(1) Custom Engineered Mini-frac/DFIT Systems designed to efficiently and accurately measure the in-situ stress condition and reservoir engineering properties.
(2) Integrated Sweet-Spotting employed, prior to or during drilling to determine well and HF placement, which considers economic recoverability of resources via HF stimulations.
(3) Complex HF Simulation to design optimized HF jobs, which considers complex reservoir geology and engineering properties.
(4) In-situ Stress Engineering and Geomechanical Conditioning can be used to maximize/optimize the SRV and to improve reservoir recovery via re-fracturing, infill drilling and whole-field reservoir development planning.
(5) Total Solution to Caprock/Casing/Fault Seal Integrity can be employed to protect well and operational integrity, including ongoing assessment and monitoring as well as determination of the probability of induced seismicity.