Custom Engineered Mini-Frac/DFIT Systems (Hardware and Software)

BitCan maintains a fleet of highly specialized Mini-Frac/DFIT units equipped with modern instrumentation and real-time analysis software that are capable of delivering accuracy, efficiency, and dynamics. Combined with our versatile custom engineered monitoring and analysis software, our highly trained field engineers and specialists are able to measure the in-situ stress conditions, in a nano-Darcy permeability formation, in less than a day. Fracture growth mechanisms and coupled flow-deformation behaviour can also be probed during field tests thanks to our uniquely capable “in-house” software.

In addition to mapping the in-situ stress field we can provide onsite delivery of reservoir engineering parameters such as permeability and formation pressure.

All of the above services have been demonstrated either locally or internationally in over 750 cased and open-hole tests, taking place in a wide range of lithologies from depths between 14 – 2500 m.

For international projects, BitCan maintains portable, flow control monitoring units designed to ship easily and operate in conjunction with local pumping service providers.