Simulation of Complex Hydraulic Fracturing

As early as in 2002, BitCan started to simulate volumetric fracturing behaviour and has since developed world-leading 3-D hydraulic fracturing (HF) simulation capabilities. We are the only one that we know of who considers the full geomechanical processes of elastoplastic deformation, re-activation of natural fractures, nonlinear coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical processes, stress-dependent mobility increase, dynamic propagation of non-planar and multiple fractures without need to prescribe the fracture paths a priori.Our model can also consider complex geology gathered from seismic maps, conventional well logs or image logs. It accounts for the interaction between NFs, weak players, bedding planes or HFs. It can simulate both tensile, shear and combined failure mechanisms and by extension, able to calculate stimulated reservoir volume and differentiate its mechanical nature. No better model can be used for design of well layouts and staged-HF spacings. Its versatility extends to the consideration of well hydraulics, frac fluid rheology and complex injection strategies.BitCan has been very successful in carrying out our mission to proactively utilize geomechanics for unconventional oil/gas development. We owe much of our success to the fact that we have developed such in depth and complete simulation technologies.