BitCan Internship Program 2017

BitCan welcomes our 2017 summer students Yi Tian, an electrical engineering student at the University of Alberta and Walton Wang, a computer engineering student at the University of Toronto. For five consecutive years BitCan has participated in the Undergraduate Student Research Awards Program, a program dedicated to ‘nurturing interest and developing potential for a research career in natural sciences and engineering’ among students. At BitCan we take a special interest in helping the next generation of engineers and scientists to begin their career and recognize that students are the future of our industry.

BitCan seeks to provide our summer students with meaningful and engaging work that will not only benefit the company long term but will also provide the student with practical experience and analytical skills. Yi began his summer employment with a study on ultrasonic flow meters and their use. He analyzed market offerings comparing factors such as price and ease of use and presented his findings. He has since moved on to study literature on the electric-magnetic method as an alternative to conventional SAGD. Meanwhile, Walton is tasked with the objective to design a GIS system and compile existing data, focusing primarily on data preparation.

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