Heavy Oil Production

Reducing viscosity or increasing mobility is required in producing heavy oil reservoirs. Typically, this is achieved through the injection of stimulants such as steam or solvent. By maximizing stimulant to reservoir contact, production is optimized. BitCan has served almost all heavy oil operators in Canada and many world wide in this capacity. Below is a list of the technologies we employ to achieve this objective in heavy oil production.

(1) FUSE™ is a proprietary technology designed to significantly enhance the SAGD start-up.
(2) In-situ Stress Engineering and Geomechanical Conditioning are used to maximize the reservoir contact, increase well injectivity and deliver efficient conformance of the stimulants in the reservoir.
(3) Custom engineered mini-frac/DFIT systems and an “in-house” Material Property Profiling (MPP) tool for efficient and proper formation characterization.
(4) A Total Solution to Caprock/Casing and Fault Seal Integrity methodology designed to relieve operator’s burden in safeguarding caprock integrity.