At BitCan, we seek people who are learned, and yet still very committed to learning.  So, while we look for a solid educational track record, we also enjoy assisting in the long-term development of our employees.


We expect our specialists to have a full grasp of the scientific theories that underpin their daily work, and to continually question and improve upon them.   Our specialists  will be given the opportunity to:

  • Implement R&D results into the design of unique high-tech field equipment, software, procedures and technologies.
  • Continue onto field execution and real-time on-site analysis.
  • Research real-world projects toward educational or publishing credit.
  • Develop unparalleled expertise that is globally competitive.
  • Achieve performance bonuses that can extend earnings beyond par within the industry.

Enjoy a stable work environment – At BitCan, we have never terminated an employee due to the economic climate since our inception in 2001, when oil was trading at under $10 a barrel.

Nature of Work

Your specific responsibilities will likely change as your experience grows, but your current experience should enable you to contribute readily to one or more of the following projects upon hire: 

  • Inversion of field observations 

Subsurface processes will alter the subsurface rock formations, changing their physical and/or chemical parameters. Some of the changes can be observed directly or indirectly. BitCan seeks to fully analyze the data in a rigorous physical model and utilize the findings to make inferences and guide decision-making regarding various subsurface processes. 

  • Simulation of rock fracturing and failure processes

Under compression, shear and/or hydraulic injection, subsurface rock often fails and/ or fractures. Sometimes, we rely on such failure/fracturing to stimulate the rock, forming the desired failure state. At other times, we want to avoid, as much as possible, occurrence of the failure. In any case, the key is to understand, via simulations, the fracture/failure process in the rock. We will focus on the following areas to develop our simulation capabilities:

– The simulation model may already contain natural fractures of different scales. In the geological history, the rock to be fractured has already been fractured to different degrees.

– Or the rock is weakly or non-consolidated. So, material nonlinearity is frequently seen.

– The driving force for the rock fracturing is high-pressure injection. Thus, the fluid flow and rock deformation is fully coupled.

– Temperatures are another proactive factor that can be used in the fracturing. Therefore, temperature transport and even phase change may be involved.

– Another challenge is to simulate the large deformation spanning geological history in the units of millions of years. 

  • Fully-coupled geomechanical reservoir simulation

We serve the oil and gas industry, and they produce the relevant fluids which ultimately yields their profit. Therefore, simulation on the rock fracturing and failure will need to be coupled with the flow of hydrocarbon liquid. Here, multi-phase/component transport is involved. BitCan aims to develop a simulation that is computationally efficient, physically comprehensive and numerically stable.

  • Software development

Part or all of the simulation functions mentioned in the above have been developed into computer software. Innovative and convenient GUI is the key. Parallel computing is the preferred method of implementation. Parallel computing built on the GPU is a possibility we may consider.

We welcome applicants of any age, gender, or race for part-time, summer, or full-time employment. All candidates must:

  • Have a high level of integrity; be honest, hard-working, cooperative, self-motivated and detailed-oriented. We do not micro-manage our employees; rather, we rely on your dedication and ability to manage your own workload.
  • Be able to demonstrate your capabilities with work examples relevant to the projects described in the above. These examples must show that you can contribute to immediate projects.
  • Possess relevant degree(s) from accredited post-secondary institutions (B.Sc. and higher). M.Sc. and Ph.D. preferred. B.Sc. candidates must have 5 years or more of working experience. Other applicants can be considered if accompanied by research accepted in high-quality publications.
  • Relevant Fields of Study

The following requirements apply to various positions within the company. Please note that potential candidates do not need to have experience in all of the following areas: 

  • Applied mechanics majors include solid or fluid mechanics. Applied physics includes geophysics or engineering physics. Applied mathematics should focus on numerical solutions to nonlinear problems, large spare matrix solvers or inversion of nonlinear problems. 
  • Strong numerical computation and computer programming skills, such as FORTRAN / C++, finite element, and finite difference methods. Able to construct mathematical models for complex physics, derive efficient computational algorithms and program into computer languages. Candidates should also have experience in one or more of the following areas:
  • Geomechanics, especially directly involved in thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling, rock fracturing and failure process, constitutive modeling, finite element, boundary element and finite difference methods. Experience in using large-scale stress analysis software, such as ABAQUS, would be an asset.
  • Computer programming: graduates from computer software development and relevant majors, at least one year of software development experience, expert in C++ programming, object-oriented software analysis, design and development techniques, familiar with 3D graphics development. Knowledge of OpenGL and VT, Qt, Python would be assets.
  • Computational plasticity or coupled finite element solver.
  • Numerical parallel programming on Linux/Unix cluster.
  • Random finite element methods applied in risk assessment. 
  • Compensation

You will be compensated via salary plus bonus scheme. Details will be discussed in interviews. BitCan maintains an extended health insurance policy and other benefits. 

How to Apply

Please apply by email or post, and make a general statement of your area of expertise in your subject line.  Please also specify your salary expectation and availability in your application.

Attn: Natalie Murray

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