At BitCan, we seek people who are learned, and yet still very committed to learning.  So, while we look for a solid educational track record, we also enjoy assisting in the long-term development of our employees.


We expect our specialists to have a full grasp of the scientific theories that underpin their daily work, and to continually question and improve upon them.   Our specialists  will be given the opportunity to:

  • Implement R&D results into the design of unique high-tech field equipment, software, procedures and technologies.
  • Continue onto field execution and real-time on-site analysis.
  • Research real-world projects toward educational or publishing credit.
  • Develop unparalleled expertise that is globally competitive.
  • Achieve performance bonuses that can extend earnings beyond par within the industry.

Enjoy a stable work environment – At BitCan, we have never terminated an employee due to the economic climate since our inception in 2001, when oil was trading at under $10 a barrel.