Technical Consulting

At BitCan, we make our expertise available to clients either on a consulting basis, or we can provide complete turn-key training:

  • Solution Development – We work directly with clients to solve individual operational issues and remain truly independent. Any topic related to rock deformation and failure, whether to prevent its occurrence or hasten it, is within our area of expertise.
  • Short Courses – At BitCan, we have developed thorough training materials (including a 600+ page educational text for a week-long course) covering all aspects of petroleum geomechanics. We can also tailor to your individual needs for focused and shorter-length, lunch and learn style courses.
  • Training programs – We have recently opened up practicum-style positions for our partners and clients. At Bitcan, these trainees benefit from a dynamic working environment that focuses on hands on or even field participation. Our objective is to take part in the growth and utilization of geomechanics by ensuring that passion and appreciation for geomechanics is instilled in young talents.